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CEP News provide you with information about the latest trends and news in the postal, express and logistics markets from Germany, Europe and all over the world. Our weekly newsletter is published in German and English. Thus, CEP News is probably the sole bilingual news service in our industry.

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Reading Sample

KW 02/17

The British courier service CitySprint faced a legal setback in the dispute about the legal status of drivers. Last week, a court in London ruled that a cycle courier was wrongly classified as self-employed and that she thus would be entitled to paid holidays and the minimum wage. The responsible judge described CitySprint's contractual terms as 'contorted, indecipherable and window-dressing'. The company, which has around 3,500 couriers in the United Kingdom, now has six weeks to appeal against the verdict.

This ruling follows a similar decision from the end of last year. Back then, a British court decided that the Uber drivers are not self-employed and therefore are entitled to holiday pay, a guaranteed minimum wage and breaks (CEP News 44/16). Uber has filed an appeal against this verdict.

Reading Sample

KW 03/19

'After years of rate hikes, arrogant sales reps, and take it or leave it approaches to customer requests, shippers are wide-open to trying new services'. According to the US logistics consultancy Shipware, many shippers in the USA are prepared to change their service provider if Amazon enters the parcel market due to the virtual duopoly in the USA. This also applies in view of the Seattle-based company's reputation for 'doing things right' and its well-filled war chest.

The CEOs of UPS and FedEx, on the other hand, have in the past always downplayed questions about the threat potential posed by Amazon (inter alia CEP News 46/18) and referred to their own comprehensive infrastructure. In the US, the online giant, most recently, operated around 40 cargo aircraft (CEP News 51/18), several 1,000 lorry trailers that are used by subcontractors (CEP News 50/15) and 87 group-owned parcel depots - and the trend is upward.

And CEP News learned from industry sources, that Amazon plans to open its European network to third party shippers too. The driving force behind this step is supposed to be a former DHL top manager, who joined Amazon in 2017, and an ex-DPD employee. However, the company's last mile operations apparently also faced a setback. Industry sources also said that the German CEP provider DRS (reportedly 1,000 delivery vehicles), which delivered Amazon shipments since 2016 (CEP News 22/16) has terminated the co-operation. The company reportedly resentfully rejected the online giant's new service agreement.


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