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KW 34/20

Last week, a first conference was held for those interested in investing in the Israel Postal Company. The video meeting, which was organised by the Government Companies Authority, was attended not only by Israeli investors, such as the wealthy Fuhrer family of industrialists or the local private equity companies Fortissimo Capital and Kedma Fund, but also by guests from the USA. The financial newspaper »Globes« (11.08.) reported, citing 'sources', that representatives of UPS also took part in the digital meeting. Further details were not disclosed.

According to the original plans, Israel wants to sell 40% of the shares in the post office in two tranches. 20% is to be sold to an external investor, another 20% is to be placed on the stock exchange. Plans to privatise the postal service are dragging on since 2018 due to repeated elections and the resulting delays in forming a government (CEP News 28/18).

Reading Sample

KW 34/20

A total of 1,300 subpostmasters of the Post Office Ltd. have applied for compensation. This was announced by Royal Mail's branch network last Thursday at the closure of the 'Historical Shortfall Scheme'. The individual cases will now be examined to see whether the Horizon branch software has been mistakenly reporting coverage gaps in the accounts of the respective subpostmasters for years. This had led to accusations of theft and fraud, bankruptcies of the entrepreneurs and even prison sentences. The company did not say how long it would take to examine the applications.

A new 'director' will head the review; Declan Salter will report directly to CEO Nick Read and Chairman Tim Parker, but will not join the board of directors or the supervisory board. On Monday, Read also announced a new appointment. In the future, there will be an additional seat on the currently 8-member supervisory board. This will be filled by an active subpostmaster - still to be elected.

This decision is the 'clearest signal yet of our determination to (…) reset our relationship', said the CEO. Read had recently come under pressure when Post Office Ltd. had taken over and changed dozens of Google My Business pages from subpostmasters (CEP News 31/20).


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