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Reading Sample

KW 24/18

The Dutch online supermarket Picnic has a market share of over 5% in the grocery retail business in cities like Utrecht, Leiden and Amsterdam. At least, Udo Kießlich, the former CEO of Deutsche Post's own online supermarket AllyouneedFresh, claimed this in an interview with the e-commerce blog »Kassenzone« (11.06.). He estimates that the medium sized company's success is primarily attributable to its innovative delivery concept and the fact that the minimum order value is considerably lower than at competitors.

While the leading companies like Netherland's Albert Heijn or Germany's Rewe are offering flexible delivery slots and have a high minimum order value, Picnic takes a different approach. The shopping cart just has to exceed 25 euros and the delivery is always free. The Dutch company achieves this by only offering one time slot per day and address, thus cutting distribution costs considerably. They, (partially) pass these savings on to their customers in the form of the low minimum order value.

This in turn leads to a higher order volume, so that Picnic makes seven stops per hour, while DHL only carries out three stops per hour when delivering for AllyouneedFresh. The interview is worth reading and can be found here albeit only in German. In the meantime, the public broadcaster »WDR« (07.06.) reported that Picnic wants to launch its services in two additional cities in North Rhine-Westphalia after entering the German market with its launch in Düsseldorf (CEP News 12/18). And by 2019, the company wants to offer its services in 20 cities across Germany's most populous federal state.

Reading Sample

KW 37/18

Amazon apparently started delivering orders with its own drivers in Hamburg too. This is reported by the industry blog »Exciting Commerce« (06.09.) citing customers. 'The driver was just there: an independent driver with a rented van (from a local car rental company)', the blog reads. This is further supported by research by CEP News that revealed that there are according job advertisements searching for drivers on different portals, like eBay Kleinanzeigen (a local eBay portal in Germany for small ads) since the beginning of September.

Supposedly, the deliverers receive presorted shipments with an average weight of 3-4 kilos. A delivery tour takes eight hours and the 'delivery area only comprise a few streets'. As a special bonus, drivers are offered the option 'taking the delivery vehicles (Mercedes Vito/Renault Trafic) home' with them. CEP News already reported at the beginning of July, that Amazon was further expanding its own delivery scheme in Germany (CEP News 27/18). For Amazon customers in Berlin, Munich and the Rhine-Main region, deliveries via Amazon Logistics is already common practice.


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