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CEP News provide you with information about the latest trends and news in the postal, express and logistics markets from Germany, Europe and all over the world. Our weekly newsletter is published in German and English. Thus, CEP News is probably the sole bilingual news service in our industry.

The weekly edition makes sure that, besides bringing the latest news, we can also provide you with important background stories and the necessary context.

And even more important: Our broad view beyond the industry guarantees that our readers get information about the latest trends that can affect or even shape the industry in future

Reading Sample

KW 05/23

The Ministry of Economics has published the key points of the new German Postal Act. The aim is to fundamentally modernise the legal framework for postal services. At the same time, the amendment is to contribute 'to the socio-ecological and digital transformation of the postal sector', according to the paper published on Thursday.

Among other things, 'the Federal Network Agency is to be given greater powers to ensure compliance with universal service requirements' in connection with 'the need for sustainability in cities and rural areas', Furthermore, 'digital and automated solutions .... are to play an appropriate role within the scope of universal service'.

The catalogue of universal service products is to be adapted in the light of 'modern needs' and the hitherto rigid universal service specifications replaced 'by more flexible specifications'. In concrete terms, this means that the post office will be allowed to operate more slowly. However, longer delivery periods are to be coupled with 'increased punctuality requirements'. The key points paper is available here.

Reading Sample

KW 10/23

Since April 2022, Amazon has closed or cancelled the plans for 99 logistics locations in 30 states in the United States. According to information from logistics consultancy MWPVL, this is equivalent to a floor area of around 3 million square metres. 

As previously reported, the online giant is simultaneously working on the expansion of the US same-day network (CEP News 09/23). Over the next few years, Amazon plans to open more than 100 smaller locations from which orders can be delivered within a few hours.


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